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    What can you do with 140 character of code ?

    You might think that to produce something interesting or amazing in the world of Software Development requires thousands of lines of codes. You are not wrong here(partially), the software is ever changing, evolving as technology changes and new features are added to the existing ones or replacing them and you need to write a lot of codes. But not always there is a threshold for lines codes to perform an action. You might only need 140 characters to create something amazing. Yes, that’s correct, only 140 characters. Intriguing isn’t it?

    Dwitter is a community of JavaScript developer where developers create some amazing arts and visual effects only using 140 characters of JavaScript and a canvas.

    140 character of code

    Dwitter was created by lionleaf as an inspirational side project inspired by the concept of Sigveseb. The first official launch of dwitter was at the Demoparty ‘Solskogen’ in 2016 where it won the wild demo title. The website is an open source and has been developed by many people. Here is the link to the official GitHub.

    The website provides a preview screen and a text editing window when you want to add a new creation which they call dweet. A new dweet is filled with a default template so someone new to the website can have a baseline to start with. There are also short terms that are used to shorten default javascript functions and decrease character count. You can play around with the default template and learn to build. It has a simplistic and easy to use User Interface.  The immediate preview helps a lot to know what you are doing as well as what are the inflicted upon the canvas with the current code.

    Try out dwitter yourself and tell us what you think about it. Post in the comments below.

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